Making money in medical cannabis will be increasingly difficult as supply grows.  How can agronomists and producers maintain profitability?  What are the latest technologies that cut costs and enhance productivity?   CannX will feature new technology, new systems and new solutions designed to help farmers succeed.

In addition to an exciting startup competition, there will be an exhibition area with many companies and organizations who realize the importance of being at Israel’s premier medical cannabis event.

International Conferences

Cann10 is a respected global leader in the world of medical cannabis.  We sponsor annual events as well as local conferences that promote knowledge sharing and provide a unique opportunity for leaders in medical cannabis to meet, learn  and build new relationships.

Our Cann10 International Medical Conferences, held in Tel Aviv in 2016 and 2017 attracted almost 800 people.  Our next major event, CannX, will be held October 14-18 2018 in Tel Aviv.  Why are they unique?

We are the only conference that brings together every branch of the business to meet and discuss where the world of medical cannabis is heading, what are the newest developments, and how we are evolving as a business.  The unique format of Cann10 conferences is based on 3 tracks:  Science and medical, Investment and Business as well as Agriculture and Production.

Science & Medical

Our Conference Chairman, Prof. Mechoulam and Chairman of the  Scientific Committee Prof Dedi Meiri set the highest  standard for the Science and Medical Track.  We are honoured to be the only conference to have Dr. Mechoulam as Chairman. Recognized at the father of modern cannabis research,  Prof Mechoulam discovered the primary components in cannabis over 30 years ago.  Prof. Meiri has been recognized as his successor and thanks to this eminent professional leadership, we are able to attract noted international researchers, physicians and practitioners to present keynotes, high level papers and lectures.

Investment and Business – Smart investors, bankers, lawyers. Patent lawyers, accountant and entrepreneurs will want to attend fascinating sessions about the world of medical cannabis.  Where is the business going?  How is regulation affecting the world market.? Where are the opportunities and pitfalls?  If you plan to be a leader in this industry, you must attend CannX.